Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good, bad, worrying and missing - news.

Still no much rest in the new job, but lots of fun.

I checked the news tonight after quite a while I didnt get to it.
Good things.. bad things.. worrying things.. and some things are plain missing (should add a '!' to emphasize it).

Good things seem to happen in Lebanon as the Israeli army has done another major step in pulling out from the land that was entered in the last war; And the Lebanese army has raised its flag near the border.

Bad things are happening in Gaza as the social and political chaos grows and no unity is seen in the horizon between all political layers of Gaza society (from supporters to enforcers and up to the leaders of Fatah and the Hamas).

Worrying things as Iran keeps playing the negotiation game they master. Worrying as chaos is growing also in Iraq and no solution is to be seen there as well.

But so so missing is any strong statements of Israel or Lebanon or a third party (perhaps Egypt? perhaps Jordan? perhaps Saudi?.. somebody?!) to indicate that there is any communication at all. To hint that stagnation has not creeped already.
Is the lack of such statement is a good sign ("no news is good news") or is it bad news ("what's there to tell")?
Or is it I missed the news on that day when a strong statement was said?


Yair said...

It would really help, if you would add something in about me section - like i'm from lebanon or i'm from israel or maybe uae...

Nobody said...


I would advise you to change the template of your blog.

For blog that calls itself 'optimism in the middle east' your blog got too much of black color.

It looks exactly as the chances for being optimistic in the middle east

abubalboola2 said...

At your service :->
I've put my details.
need to deal with this chronic laziness of mine..

abubalboola2 said...

Thank for the comment, see my previous response which shows not much hope of getting to change the template any time soon.

As for the punch line.. well..
lets say we agree not to agree? (but a nice punch line anyway)

Lirun said...

hehe.. you're funny

Nobody said...


We have exciting new developments in Gaza. We certainly miss you and your optimism here

abubalboola said...

Hi nobody!
here's an answer: