Saturday, December 09, 2006

and mostly bad news, this time..

well, now I am going to quote my own words (sadly, not in a good way :-)
Last post I said "Is the lack .. is a good sign ("no news is good news") or is it bad news ("what's there to tell")?"
And now I can add the following: and when it's mostly bad news, you still need to hope for the better.

I have been so busy in my new job, I had to dump my hobbies for a while and stopped reading the news. unfotunatly, what I do get to hear is bad. very bad.
Not talking about Gaza where we clash continuosly without any sign of us restraining ourselves, or the Palestinian Hamas come to its senses and see its own self-destructive nature.
I am referring to Lebanon, whom I see as a natural ally of Israel. And it's not the katyoosha rockets that are pointed to Israel that worry me, but the vicious words of Nasralla against his own governement (if he actually sees himself as one of the Lebanese citizens - has not been decided yet).
It's those words he is uttering that worry me. Not the mass demonstration which is a democratic right. His words are poison that no honest, reliable and peaceful leader would ever dare to use. Not against an elected leadership in which his own allies used to sit in the parliament not so long ago.
And this "not so long ago" is a factor. Looks to me like his allies left the government knowing that he is about to go against the governement. Not because of disagreements which should be negtiated by words. And now it is his time of anti-ideopolitics political rhetorics.

I still hope for the best. That Lebanon will go over this internal crisis with all of its national groups intact and in an understanding that internal unity, democratic regime and regional peace deal are in their country interest; and who are the true leaders to lead them to achieve those goals.

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Nobody said...

ah good
because i was wondering what abubalboola is working there so much .. sure, i said to myself, he is developing some comprehensive solution to all middle eastern problems ...

by the way we got more good news .. the fence between saudi arabia and iraq is almost ready ...

also there were elections in bahrain ... so we could get an idea of the shape of the things to come... the shiite religious party won 40% of the seats ... i know you dont like it ... but dont dispare because on the good side the rest of the seats went to sunni salafists .. not one secular liberal got a seat ...

please keep posting